Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver
Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

Sản Phẩm

  • Giá : 8.400.000 VNĐ
  • Giá cũ : 9.000.000 VNĐ
  • Mã sản phẩm : Elemento 252-Silver
  • Trạng thái : Size L (59-62cm)
  • Nhà sản xuất: Kask Spa, Hãng Ý, Sản xuất tại Ý
Thông tin chi tiết Bình luận
The Elemento has been engineered to be both super-aerodynamic as well as to allow high levels of ventilation, thanks to its innovative design and the introduction of various pioneering technologies, such as Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod. Fluid Carbon 12’s composite technopolymer absorbs more energy from an impact than traditional materials and distributes the force generated more evenly across the entire helmet. This benefit has enabled KASK's technicians to increase the size of the internal channels, which improves ventilation, while simultaneously reducing the size of the ventilation holes for improved aerodynamics. Multipod is KASK’s proprietary 3D-printed internal padding. This elastomer material enables the helmet to better withstand the energy generated by linear and rotational impacts. Multipod functions isotropically, meaning it withstands the energy from impacts the same regardless of the direction in which the force is applied. The Elemento’s OCTOFIT+ helmet retention system allows for a more fine-tuned fit to provide greater safety and stability. A reflective graphic at the back increases rider visibility.
260 g (M size)
product code
CE EN 1078
CPSC 1203
AS/NZS 2063

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Nón Kask Elemento WG11 252-Silver

8.400.000VNĐ 9.000.000VNĐ